Our Story

EAT was born to bring a little comfort and joy into the ritual of eating. We believe food is best when shared with loved ones, which is why we’ve created a space to celebrate our connections, reconnect with our roots and bring back fresh, wholesome dishes that champion the flavor of today! Our team of foodies is passionate about making great food that served with love.

​EAT is about going back to the basics. Let’s eat. Let’s stop following fad diets and new trends and help food do what it does best. Nourish you, comfort you and warm your heart. At EAT we go back to simple, uncomplicated dining that brings together the best in flavor and ambiance by reuniting all our senses. We aim to create memories on a plate.

Wake up with​ Boon Coffee

​Start your morning with a perfect cup of freshly brewed Arabica coffee


​Don’t let a busy day at the office or a lazy day in stop you from enjoying great food

Indulge in Freshly Baked Goods

​There’s always a reason to eat cake, pie or a tart for that matter

​Order by 3 pm for next day delivery

​If you enjoy our food, why not have us cater for your next event?

Special of the Day
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Spreading wholesome goodness to the community, we take part in a range of events
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